Copy Trading

Many Forex traders are interested in the availability of additional services that make it easier for them to trade , and copy trading is one of the most important side services for traders in the financial markets sector

So with your free subscription to the copy trading service, you won't have to do market analysis anymore, and follow the charts for long hours

Rather, you will just enjoy your time and see outstanding success rates achieved in your account without any trouble or worry because the matter is supervised by highly experienced and qualified traders in the market.

copy trading subscription is accepted only by people who have accounts within approved and trusted companies.

Who can benefit from our copy trading service ?


100% Free

No commissions or hidden fees

Membership not required

No requirement to be under our agency

For all traders

No obligation for specific broker company


Username The type of risk Expected maximum drawdown Target profits (monthly) The minimum value of the client's account Master Performance Link
Hacker FX High 30-40 % 600 % 3000 $ Yes Free Subscribe Now
prof holder Medium 30-40 % 100 % 10000 $ Yes Free Subscribe Now
The Hunter Medium 30-40 % 25 % 2000 $ No Free Subscribe Now
The_wolf_of_wall_street Low 20-30 % 15 % 1500 $ No Free Subscribe Now

Who can benefit from our copy trading service ?

Whether you are an old trader in the forex market (Master)) and looking for clients!
Or a novice trader (Client) looking for owners of successful strategies!
We can help both parties achieve profit
Through our new service, we developed the concept of social trading


What is the benefit of strategy provider “Master”?

- Benefit from the appearance of his viewing account and his achieved results with all our existing clients , and future prospects, which enhances the chances of customers participating with it if they are convinced of the performance.
Strategy provider is worth $20 for each real account registered as a client
- Take advantage of our promotional campaigns and offer your services to a potential client
Providing customer service to answer all questions 24/7
Providing technical support to connect and separate accounts from the service provider 24/7
Terms and conditions are applied

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What is the benefit of the “Client” who need strategy provider?

- Copy trading service completely free
- Results with high transparency and displayed before subscription
Not requiring a specific broker
- Possibility to disconnect the account at any time
24/7 customer service
24/7 technical support
Terms and conditions are applied

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Frequently Asked Questions For Copy Trading Service:

A1: You can open your real or demo account with any broker you wish, provided that it is credible and reputable, and enjoy the free service., and enjoy the free service.
A 2: No, no party can withdraw from the client's account through the trading platform, as the platform's authority is to open and close trade only. As for the transactions of the client's account, they are done through it with his broker and we have nothing to do with that.
A3: It depends on your strategy provider... and you can check its results before you sign up.
A4: Of course you can, but you should know that the risk is higher the more the account value is less than the minimum, which means that the recommended minimum if it is 2000 and your account is worth 200, the risk will be ten times higher than the recommended.
A5: Of course, you can withdraw your profits at any time and our work system is based on the value of the current capital and not the account balance.
A 6:We do not have any direct or indirect relationship as an identifier with any broker about providing a Copy Trading service for the benefit of its clients, and the company provides the service in general to all those who wish to benefit from it.
A 7:It is not within the company’s policy to publish performance-related information for not attributing it to others, and the customer can register a demo account and see the results himself, or check if the strategy provider has attached a link to check his results.
A8: Yes, whether the reason is from the strategy provider or because of technical errors that are due to your broker.
A9: There is no direction for the company to put fees on services at the present time.

Important notes:
1. You should choose a highly efficient and credible trading company that guarantees that there is no manipulation of trading prices or the presence of some problems such as falling prices and re-quotes.

2. Not to interfere in changing, modifying or closing the deals executed by our partners even if they do not comply with your own analysis. In the event of your intervention, the account will be separated immediately in order to avoid any damages that may be attributed to us or our partners later.

3. Please consider the recommended minimum account size based on the recommendation of your strategy provider.

4. Please note that high price differences may change the results that are achieved on your account, and this matter is entirely your responsibility and the responsibility of your broker, and we have no direct or indirect intervention except to alert you regarding this matter.

5. Please review the terms and conditions.

6. We are not responsible for any damages that may result from your broker even if the broker denies it.